Tatton Investment Management is a ground-breaking investment manager that has changed the way investors access and use discretionary fund management.

Passive Funds

Tatton launches three risk rated multi-asset funds designed to maximise returns for investors who want to invest with lower or higher levels of risk in low cost passive investments.

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The Tatton Approach Service, Price, Performance

Tatton was created to provide Financial Advisers the highest quality investment products and services for their clients. Investing through Tatton is simple and straightforward and be carried out through your existing investment platforms.

We can transform an investment strategy without having to move or transfer any assets. Our award-winning investment team oversees a range of investment portfolios and funds designed to meet the needs of virtually all investor types.

Our sole focus is on investment management and we believe in the importance of high-quality financial advice. Therefore, we partner with Financial Advisers who are seeking an investment manager that can provide them with the investment services they need to meet their clients’ needs.

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Every week Tatton delivers industry insights that keep you informed on the latest news from the markets and beyond.

General election and markets

20 June 2024

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Monday Digest

24 June 2024Monday Digest

Stock market highs don’t feel so high. Even though global stocks reached another all-time, the mood feels subdued. This is partly seasonal – a US national holiday and June’s option expiry date distorted trading – but partly because growth is so uneven….

Stock market highs don’t feel so high

21 June 2024Tatton Weekly

It was another mixed week for capital markets. Global stocks reached another all-time high on Thursday, but the mood feels subdued. This is partly seasonal: US traders had a shortened week due to the “Juneteenth” national holiday (celebrating the abolition of slavery),…

Tatton Teaser

19 June 2024Tatton Teaser

One of the lesser well-known market indicators is the relationship between US retail investors’ equity ownership (as a percentage of total financial assets) and the future returns of the S&P 500 Index. Typically, high household equity ownership indicates bullish market sentiment, suggesting…