IFPR Questionnaire (2022)


The Investment Firms Prudential Regulations, implemented in January 2022, requires investment firms to make a public disclosure concerning their adherence to the regulations. The information provided is based on the consolidated figures of Tatton Asset Management plc which is the ultimate parent company of the regulated entity, Tatton Investment Management Limited.

This information has been made publicly available on Tatton Investment Management Limited’s website as soon as practicable after the annual accounts of Tatton Asset Management plc are published. This document should be read alongside the Composition of Own Funds Questionnaire.

1.What are TAM’s objectives and policies for the following key risks: (1) own funds; (2) concentration; (3) liquidity?   Include details of potential harms, mitigations and how these control the riskNot required for 2022
2.Provide details of own funds.    See composition of own funds questionnaire

3.Details of Own Fund requirements, including Fixed Overhead requirements (FOR) and breakdown of K-factor requirements.        Consolidated Fixed Overhead Requirement: £3,590,500   Consolidated K-AUM Requirement: £1,941,000   No other K-factor requirements
4.Explain TAM’s remuneration policy (include objectives of incentives and governance arrangements)    Not required for 2022  
5.Describe the different elements of remuneration and what is fixed and variable.  Not required for 2022  
6.What categories of staff are deemed as Material Risk Takers (MRTs) as defined in SYSC 19G.5)?  Not required for 2022  
7.What, if any, adjustments are made to variable remuneration?Not required for 2022  
8.What is the total amount of remuneration to all staff, split into fixed and variable?Not required for 2022  
9.What is the total number of MRTs (see 6)Not required for 2022  
10.What is the total remuneration awarded, split between?   Senior Managers (as defined in SM&CR)Other MRTsAll other staffNot required for 2022  
11.What is the amount of guaranteed variable remuneration, split between?   Senior Managers (us ethe SM&CR definition)Other MRTsAll other staff  Not required for 2022  
12.What has been the amount of severance awards to MRTs, split into fixed and variable remuneration and highest single award.Not required for 2022  
13.Investment policy    Not required for 2022  

13th June 2022