A ground-breaking investment manager

Historically only available to the very well off, we wanted to make discretionary services accessible for everyday investors. Back in 2013 as a brand-new company, we had no assets under management, no performance track record and no reputation to build on. What we did have was years of experience in managing Financial Advisers’ businesses and private client wealth management.

We realised that by using investment platforms to administer client’s portfolios we could transform a client’s investment strategy without having to move or transfer any assets.

It also meant that our fees would be for our investment management services only – a sea change for discretionary investment management. We created a new benchmark for fees and blew open the doors to reveal what investors were actually paying their investment managers to do by making the difference in charges so evident.

Our charge of 0.15% per annum – for our Managed Portfolio Service – was revolutionary and, we believe, is the benchmark for the sector. We have proved that using a professional investment management firm does not need to be difficult or expensive, and by working with Financial Advisers we know the decisions we make are in harmony with the long-term goals and financial plans that investors have agreed with their own trusted adviser.