Will using Tatton change how I can access my portfolio?

No. We will manage portfolios through investment platforms that you and your Financial Adviser already use. The advantage of using an investment platform is that your MPS, BPS or AIM portfolio stays where it is –  we don’t take ‘custody’ of your investments, we just manage them. This gives you greater flexibility and control over your money, and of course reduces charges and prevents any unwanted costs. 

How do I invest with Tatton?

If, following a recommendation from your Financial Adviser, you decide to appoint Tatton, once the agreement is signed, we will write to you to confirm the appointment, your portfolio choice and risk profile. We will email you an investment report every quarter and you can access your portfolio at any time as you would before appointing Tatton. You can also choose to receive investment updates in video and in writing to keep you up to date when investment markers are doing well and also when they are troubled.

Can I contact Tatton to discuss my portfolio?

If you want to discuss your investment portfolio the best place to start is with your Financial Adviser, since they are familiar with your personal finances. We are investment managers and cannot provide financial advice. We are very happy to answer any questions you might have through your Financial Adviser or with them present.