Do I have to advise a client to move to Tatton’s MPS?

Yes. We only operate on a full advice and recommendation basis. We work exclusively with Financial Advisers and can accept your clients’ investments on an advised basis only.

What paperwork do I need for my clients to use Tatton?

If you are new to Tatton you need to sign a firm agreement with us. This gives you access to the Tatton Portal where you can generate investment proposals, have full visibility of your clients, and access factsheets, performance data and many other useful adviser resources.

Each client must sign a Discretionary Management Agreement (DMA) which gives us authority to manage their portfolio. Please speak to your relevant Business Development Director.

Will my client be out of the market during the move to Tatton?

If they are already invested in funds they are subject to the normal settlement process when they move over. This can differ from platform to platform but typically takes around 3-4 business days.

Will my client incur dealing fees or charges to move their portfolio to Tatton?

There are no explicit entry or exit costs for the funds we hold in our portfolios but your client might be subject to charges for any fund that still applies a bid offer spread such as an open ended property fund.

What is Tatton’s MIFID II reporting process?

As your clients’ discretionary fund managers our default MIFID II reporting process is to report falls in portfolios on your behalf. However, we can also provide you with all the information you require for you to report to your clients if you prefer. During market turbulence we also create written and video investment communications to help reassure clients during what can be a worrying period for them.

Please speak to your relevant Business Development Director for more information.

Does Tatton operate under the Agent as Client or Reliance on Others model?

We have always operated under the Reliance on Others model. Put simply, we make the investment decisions on behalf of your clients and should therefore be responsible for them.

Can my clients use the MPS and BPS for different elements of their portfolio?

Yes, of course. We are happy to split investment mandates.

Please speak to your relevant Business Development Director for more information.

What communications will my client receive initially?

We will send your client a Welcome Letter which confirms their portfolio choice and risk profile.

How and when will you contact my clients?

Each Financial Adviser can decide how much communication clients receive from us through the Tatton Portal.

Financial Advisers can choose to send their clients monthly or quarterly reports and the Tatton Weekly.

Financial Advisers can arrange for us to meet their clients, but we will only meet them with the Financial Adviser present and under their supervision.

How does Tatton manage portfolio rebalances?

As a DFM, Tatton rebalances portfolios in a timely and measured format, when we believe it is opportune and appropriate to do so, rather than at scheduled but ill-timed intervals. When we rebalance, we notify Financial Advisers in advance and when complete we publish a full explanation of the reasoning behind our decision to rebalance for you and for your clients.

We also provide real time updates on platform availability through the Tatton Portal during a rebalance to ensure your normal business operations can continue with as little interruption as possible.

How will I manage my Tatton client accounts?

You can make edits to your clients’ details through the Tatton Portal but this will not change their details on their Investment Platform. These changes will need to be made through the platform.