Bespoke PortfoliosBespoke Portfolio Service

Our Bespoke Portfolio Service is a discretionary investment portfolio service tailored around your clients’ specific investment requirements.

Our team of experienced investment professionals takes the time to build a bespoke portfolio that is fully aligned to your clients’ aims, attitudes to risk and preferred investment styles.

The Bespoke Portfolio Service from Tatton is fully customisable while also being straightforward and transparent.

Available in a range of strategies and risk profiles, it allows you to delegate the day-to-day investment decisions and ongoing management of investments to an experienced team that always has your clients’ objectives in mind.

The individual portfolio will be invested in a diversified blend of assets and these can be managed in any general investment accounts, ISAs, SIPPs, trusts and investment bonds. Our investment team follows a core and satellite approach to building portfolios that offers you simplicity and flexibility.

The value of investments can fluctuate and it is possible that investors may get back less than the amount they invested.

Benefits at a glance

  • Fully bespoke portfolios through investment platforms
  • Custody retained by client and adviser
  • Highly experienced investment team
  • Lower costs, greater flexibility
  • Complementary service addition to MPS

At a glance

  • 0.375%

    Annual management charge

The annual management charge is only one aspect of the total costs your client will incur from their investment portfolio.

Bespoke Portfolio Service team

  • Lothar Mentel

    CEO & Chief Investment Officer

  • Claire Bennison

    Director of Investment Solutions

  • John Messer, Chartered FCSI

    Investment Manager