Listening and acting on insight

The awards we have won have all been voted for by the Financial Advisers that trust Tatton to manage their clients’ investments. Their business and their clients’ financial wellbeing depends on the decisions we make on their behalf.

We rely on the feedback from the advisers we work with to help improve our products and service. Without listening and acting on their insight and support we would not be able to maintain our position as market leading investment managers.

There can be no better endorsement than to have been voted as leaders in the market by the advisers that recommend our services to their clients.

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What the advisers that use us think:

It’s Tatton’s service that needs to be thanked. From top to bottom team Tatton are doing a great job, providing lots of guidance. My advice, supported by the communications from Tatton, is ensuring my clients are not panicking and keeping calm and carrying on.

Inspirational Financial Planning Ltd

Tatton has certainly moved our business move forward. The regular updates and communication during COVID-19 have helped our clients remain calm during a difficult period and improved our client engagement.

CMS financial management 

Tatton’s consistent and cost-effective discretionary management together with the calmness portrayed by Lothar during his regular video updates has proved invaluable in getting the message across to clients not to panic.

HCL Investment Services Limited

Endorsements from advisers were provided in May 2020

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